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PostHeaderIcon IRS to Close 43 Offices

The Internal Revenue Service is finding ways to cut it costs and yesterday it announced that it was closing 43 smaller offices over the next two years.  Apparantly this is going to save the IRS $40 million dollars but the bigger questions is, what does it mean for you.

The offices that will be closed are those with fewer than 25 people and that also don’t have a taxpayer assistance center.  If you live somewhere more rural, you might see a change in where a notice comes from.  There’s also going to be consolidation of some other offices.  In my opinion, this means you’re going to see more and more desk audits.  The more the IRS automates things, the more you’ll probably find that you won’t even see an agent if you get a notice.  That is unless you owe money then you can probably expect a visit of some kind.